I am talking about night time dreams. Not lifetime dreams, goals, aspirations.
As a child I had night terrors. I would talk, scream, cry, nobody could wake me up. Luckily, I didn’t remember most of them. They slowly went away as I grew older. By the time I was 12 they had morphed into very vivid, realistic dreams that stick with me for days.
I sleep well, that’s almost never a problem. But sometimes the dreams are almost too much to handle. People have been very clear in my dreams recently. I can feel my skin being touched, I feel the air move. For some reason I can’t hear background sounds. The colors of things are right on.
I am emotionally worn thin and I know that is causing the constant occurrence of my vivid dreams. I just wish they didn’t parallel real life so much. It would make it so much better if they were just crazy dreams.
Maybe I should watch more movies and read more books for dream ideas. Too much real life may be my problem!
I used to dream about musicians. A lot. With how I have immersed myself in music the last 6 months I am surprised I am not dreaming of musicians more. Odd, that.
Right now I don’t look forward to dreaming. I think about things enough while I am awake, I shouldn’t have to suffer through dreams too! They should be fun, silly, enjoyable. Sometimes they are enjoyable but that’s a different topic completely. TMI, sorry. Nope, not sorry, I lied.
I wonder how accurate I would be at interpreting other people’s dreams.

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