Getting there… I hope :-)

I went to Dr. White, the magical chiropractor with the metal torture tools I love, today and he worked on another part of my glutes. Ouch. Like a lot of ouch. But I trust in a day it will feel 100% better.
He wants me to start doing toning exercises (lol) since there is no ass left back there. I wasn’t blessed with a ghetto booty. I wasn’t blessed with a booty at all, I have to work hard to have an ass and 6 weeks ago I had an ass! Small but still, I was proud.
Now we start from step 1 again. I won’t complain about being thin, what I will complain about is being thin without muscle. I started losing muscle and got smaller. Not good. So now I need to focus on rebuilding muscle slowly and carefully since the damaged muscles and nerves are what hold my torso and legs together. Kind of hard to exercise without overusing those muscles.
I will trust Dr. White since he is the professional.
And reconfigure my diet to account for muscle building and nervous system repair. Should be fun! Not. I still hate food. Mostly the planning and preparing of food. Oh well, I will learn a lot in the process I am sure.
Our bodies are pretty amazing. I am all twisted and crooked but with the right application of pressure, deep pressure, on specific spots I am slowly straightening out. And stretching, exercises all help. I am so grateful that my body can be healed. There are a lot of people that can’t be and they live in chronic pain. My heart goes out to them, the strength of character it takes to live in pain and not be an asshole is amazing. I am not the kindest person when I have been in pain for so long. Sorry if you have had to deal with me in the last 6 weeks 😉


2 thoughts on “Getting there… I hope :-)

  1. I get irritated when people behave as if thin were the be-all, end-all of healthy existence. Being strong and in shape is underrated. I hope you get there — without any serious damage to your glutes.


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