Ok, time to fess up. You all know how much I hate going to the doctor. I went to my Mom and sister Stacy’s DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) about a month ago, he tried to adjust me and recommended heat, stretching, and anti-inflammatories. So I have been doing that with no success. Last week Mom called and got me a referral to a sports medicine chiropractor.
I have known since July I am battling Piriformus Syndrome (sciatic nerve runs through the piriformus muscle instead of next to it). I guess I wasn’t stretching enough and bucking up and hauling away logs was too much for the muscle.
I went to the chiropractor, with much hesitation let me add, and the first visit impressed me. His goal is to fix me permanently so I don’t ever have to go back. Today I went for the third time and we had to decide whether to go one of three ways; do what we’ve done and see slow progression (umm, patience is not a strong suit of mine), back off and do x-rays to see if there is any disc deterioration in my spine (we both don’t think there is), or go more aggressive with the muscles and see if we can’t see drastic improvement. You know me, I chose the drastic measures
So today he used the Graston Technique, metal tools to manipulate the muscle fibers and fascia instead of just his hands. I am laying here with ice on so I won’t bruise or hurt too much. He did crack a wise-ass joke about how he can bruise me a lot because noone will be seeing my bum anytime soon. LOL
I got a good laugh out of that. Although, sadly, he was right.
So, my spine is being pulled by the muscles in my butt and hip not because it is out. Good to know, since I have had no pain in my back that is what I thought. As soon as the muscles release my spine will staighten (which it has already started to do) and I can exercise again!! Yay!!
My brother, who owns and runs his own Crossfit gym, has told me to do modified workouts now but all I have been able to do without aggrivating the piriformus or all the glutes are pullups, pushups against a countertop and sometimes some yoga.
All that hard work of getting in shape, working out daily for 5 months, building muscle and stamina is now gone. Dammit.
And no, I have no appetite.
I am feeling positive, after my torture session today, that soon I will be back to getting my ass kicked daily by Zuzanna.
Until then ice, heat, stretching and being tortured with metal tools will be my agenda.


2 thoughts on “Arrgh

  1. Tracy

    If he can fix you permanently… That would just be a wonderful thing. I am very intrigued by that technique. I bet that’s what would fix my shoulder muscles. 🙂


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