Weekend stuff

In my shitty funk (sorry, potty mouth is still hanging out) we decided to have some fun.
As you could see from yesterday’s post, we went to Yellowstone! Bison and bugling elk and steaming pots of orange juice flavored mud. They have a new visitors center that has a ton of amazing hands on displays and informational videos on the park and all its out of this world natural attractions.
Sadie loved the steam pools and bubbling pots. The boys loved it all. I only posted the pictures I took on my phone, pictures from the camera will get put up eventually. Still not a big fan of the desktop computer.
My back is still out so walking a bazillion miles (psshh, totally not an exageration) wasn’t the smartest thing and by hour 12 I was done. But, to be able to take the kids while the weather was still amazing, sunny & 70, was the perfect thing to do.
I am always astounded at the variance and uniqueness our little part of the planet contains. Nowhere else in the world is quite like Yellowstone. Just like the Sequoia Natl Forest is unique and awe inspiring. We are so blessed to have all of these natural wonders within driving distance, and the freedom to go to them whenever the fancy strikes us.
(I really wanted to say, “…whenever the hell we want.” But that just seemed rude, even for me.)
I knit the entire drive there, a whole hour and 15 minutes! Then I realized I am at the point in my shawl that I probably needed to start the crochet edging so I stopped. I really should get on the ball and finish something, anything.
Back to what I am posting about. Idaho may not be my place of choice right now but here my ass sits. So, we’ll take advantage of being here and do all we can to enjoy living in a foreign place 😉
Sadie decided today that yes, she would like to learn to ride a horse. Unfortunately the wind is blowing today and Molly, my Morgan, hates the wind so Sadie just had a quick lesson on balance and how to keep your seat. She can have reigns next time. My back had better be fixed soon so I can get some rides in before it is too cold. I miss riding and don’t want to think of leaving Molly here when we move back to California.
Today I finished reading the third book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Entertaining teen series. I read 3 books so I guess I liked them. I need to just restart the last book in the Outlander series and get it over with. I hate when series end. I have dreaded the end of this series for 11 years. I love the characters, love the story, feel connected to them. I guess that is to be expected after eating, sleeping, breathing over 10,000 pages. Then Stephen King for the winter, his classics always make me happy; The Tommyknockers, The Shining, It, just to name a few. Of course all my copies I have had since I was a teenager are IN STORAGE in California. As well as everything else I seem to need. Dammit.
So there you have my weekend. Yellowstone was beautiful and perfect, and I finished a book. TADA!

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