Ahh….Idaho it is…for now…






So! Here we are for a while. We have been here in Saint Anthony, Idaho at my parents for 4 months. The kids started school a week ago at South Fremont Junior High and Henry’s Fork Elementary. Tyler and Sadie are at the JH together and Trevor is at the elementary school right next door.
The first week of school was a big adjustment. We have to get up half an hour earlier than we did in CA. They ride the bus to and from school. They had only been on buses on field trips so that is a big change. Makes me feel lazy not taking them to and from, talking to their teachers and friends daily. I may just start taking them to assuage my guilt.
I haven’t been knitting, or crocheting, or doing anything crafty. My niece Alyx (daughter of my well known yarny sister Coribug) got married a few weeks ago and it took up a lot of our time.
My back has been out for 3 weeks. I am crooked again, spine all wonky. I can’t workout, can’t ride Molly, can’t ride a bike, can’t sit for too long, can’t lay for too long, can’t walk for too long. Stupid. I can read and knit/crochet. So I started some socks, made a hat for Tyler, started a hat for Mom, ripped out said socks, started a different pair of socks.
Since I left all of our winter accessories and all of my sweaters in storage in Santa Barbara (not expecting to stay this long) I am going to have to get busy with what yarn I have here (not nearly enough).
I went to a knit group about a month ago for a test run and found that they just weren’t going to work for me. Book club and knit group combined with a lot more emphasis on the book club aspect of the group. I have met a gal through Ravelry that also tried that group and felt the same way I did so we are trying to get together to have our own little group. If the one place in our area that stays open until 10pm will allow, I will print out some flyers for a weekly knit group and post them around town. There has to be some cool chicks with sticks in these here parts!
Let’s see, what else…
Did I mention my ass is stuck in Idaho?
Yah, it is.
For now.
I do my damndest not to call my parents house “home”. It is their home, not ours. We are only visiting. Not sure where we will land or when we will land there but we aren’t settling in here for the long haul.
I am just throwing in some pictures from the end of summer. Enjoy and hopefully I will get better at posting, don’t hold your breath…


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