New Direction in Life

It isn’t often that I post truly personal things here on my knitting blog but this one is kind of life changing.

After 15 years together George and I have separated and are getting divorced.

It is a mutual agreement, there are many issues that have been dealt with, counseled over, and now we’ve decided that we just can’t go any further.

It’s sad. It’s hard. It hurts. But there are times in life when you need to cut open the wound to clean out the infection and then heal. We have tried for years to heal together and it hasn’t made for a better marriage. Now we need to heal separately.

The kids are handling it amazingly well. George & I are going to remain close for their sake, and to respect the years we spent together. Bitterness, animosity, and anger have no place here.

I want to thank all my friends that have been supportive, loving, truly listened to us the last few years, the last few months, and especially the last few weeks.
I love my friends dearly, my knit club especially. The strength you women bring me on a daily basis is incredible. God has blessed my family immensely by surrounding us with the love and encouragement you bring.

My family doesn’t read my knitting blog much, just my sister Cori really. They know how much I love them but I want to say it anyway. I have been given the most amazing family members; my parents who have been married for 45 years, my 3 older sisters and my baby brother. I love and respect each and every one of them for so many different reasons. Over the years I have worked hard at friendships with each of them individually and have succeeded. Now I will need them to lean on, for their support and love and I know without a doubt that they will be here for me, the kids, and George.

Tracy, oh Tracy. There are so many things I want to thank you for but right now the emotions are too raw and I am a bit cried out. I know you will understand when I just tell you that I love you, I love the part you have played in my family. The support you have been to the kids. The support you have been to George. He needs a friend like you always. I can’t begin to thank you for the support you have given me over the years, it’s almost too much to look back and tally it all up. God has given me the best friend I could have ever prayed for.

And now, I think I will go knit & be happy that I have the people I have.

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