Can I just tell you…

…how rad it is to get in touch with a friend that lives all the way across the world after 20+ years of not having communication??  It is rad.  I just want to say that I have found one of the last of my missing friends.  I have had great luck in finding childhood friends from before we moved to Turkey.  Almost everybody I would like to be friends with from high school & college are right there at my fingertips.  But Defne, she was one I wasn’t sure I would find again.  She found me!! I am pleased beyond words.

Defne and I were friends in Turkey as young teenagers. We went to school together, hung out at each others homes after school & generally were just girls together. Amazing that after all this time facebook brings us together. There we find out we have a lot in common. Hobbies especially.  (Well she is making one of her hobbies in to a career in these tough economic times, awesome!)

She is even on Ravelry!  Seriously, could it get any better?!?!  Well, yes it could.  If she lived right here in SoCal, close enough to actually see her, that would be the best.

I so wish my scanner was working so I could embarrass us both enormously and post a few of the rare pictures I have of us together.

Alas, this will have to do.

Here’s to us, Defne!!


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