Felted Alpine Boots~ Felted

Felted Alpine Boots

Originally uploaded by chauntelandreasen

Voila! Here they are all felted (and soaking wet), stuffed with plastic bags to hold shape.
Unfortunately, I got impatient with the drying and threw them in the dryer. They shrunk in some more so aren’t as room in the toe box as they are in the photo.
But, they still fit and will be perfect for me!!
I just want them dry to wear! Now!!

Project Specs:
Pattern: Fiber Trends Alpine Boots
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Aubergine for the main boot
Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Oat Brown for the soles and held together with the Aubergine for the top.
Needle: 24″ size 13 Denise Interchangable
Time: It took me about 6 hours total knitting from start to finish. I really don’t know why they were so fast, it’s a lot of knitting. The felting took about 20 minutes. Dry time is going to take DAYS.

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