Hummin right along

Stuff is happening. Moving right along.

Kids back in school.

George working part time here & there doing home maintenance work. No full time work yet & unemployment is on hold until we do a phone interview in a few weeks.

Crochet & Knit classes listed for fall. I will be working a few nights a week, that helps a tad going in to the holidays.

Christmas knitting is in full swing. (I think it is all knitting this year, no crochet so far on the list, that is odd.)

I am trying to just make it through the tough times, be as thrifty as possible. Thanking the Good Lord for the fortunate times we have had in the past so I have plenty of stash to work from!

To save some money on patterns I have been test knitting for designers and getting the end pattern for free, that is always a plus! And it hones my designing skills as well.

I have been shying away from putting any new designs up. Most of them are sweaters that I designed within the last few years and have never had test knit. Tracy is working on 1 for me but now she is waiting for me to get her a new set of numbers for the collar. Gotta get on that ;o)

Not much photography happening either. My Minolta is still broken, no income to fix it. I use my little point & shoot but it’s just not very inspiring. I may take a day down in SB to just wander with the dog and get some fun pics.

Well, just a few random thoughts for you and now back to knitting.

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