Great Idea for Thrift Store T’s

You know all those thrift store t shirts that have goofy locale prints on them: “Fun Run in the Sun August 1993”, “Goleta Soccer Camp 2001”

How many free t’s have you come home with after events? They never get worn, you keep them for some unknown reason, “I will sleep in it.” “I will use them for gardening/housework.” It never happens. They sit & sit, then they get sent to goodwill.

What a perfect way to reuse them & get something useful in the process!! Set bottom shut, cut off sleeves & collar. Voila!

Good Thing: T-Shirt Bag and more creative crafts projects, templates, tips, clip-art, patterns, and ideas on

2 thoughts on “Great Idea for Thrift Store T’s

  1. oh wow, this is a great idea!!! I don’t have any of those t shirts myself (I’m not much of a joiner, I guess) but I know plenty of poeple who do- I’m going to pass it on!!


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