Freckles~ Lounging on the trunk

Freckles~ Lounging on the trunk

Originally uploaded by chauntelandreasen

The Andreasen Family has a new member~ Freckles the Puppy

She is an American Eskimo/ Terrier mix, 6 months old, freshly spayed, 16 lbs & still growing (just a little more).

George chose her, we adopted her from a working family with little kids that just didn’t have the extra energy to put in to a rambunctious puppy.

She is well behaved, pretty easily trained, and very, very easy tempered. She plays when it’s time to play, she stops when it’s time to stop.
She likes to nap on the couch with the kids. Loves to lay with her Daddy and be rubbed all over.

We were very blessed to find her now, just when our family needed a little pick-us-up (and a nearly free one at that)!

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