Whisper Cardigan

Whisper Cardigan

Originally uploaded by chauntelandreasen


I love this.
It’s the Whisper Cardigan from the Spring 2009 Interweave Knits.

I used Pakucho eco-butterfly cotton, laceweight, in the Cinnamon colorway. It only weighs 77grams or something ridiculous like that!

I love how it turned out. Unfortunately, it went straight on to the mannequin and I never got to wear it.
Luckily, the class starts in just over a week so I will get to take it home & use it!

The weight of this sweater is so fantastic for our climate here on the coast. All of June, and most of May, we have fog until late afternoon and need to layer. This is perfect for over a tank, or a dress.

I can’t say enough good things about the yarn either! The price is pretty much unbeatable, it ranges from $.15 per gram to $.25 cents per gram. Fantastic!!

I plan on making another one along with the class in a light shade of pink/tan.

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