Stitches 2008 flashback

In preparation for Stitches this year I wanted to get you all excited about all there is to do & all the peeps/celebs to see.

Tracy & I had so much fun last year at our cute hotel amongst all the yarn that we decided this year we had to bring along friends. Boy are we bringing along friends! 10 of us are going so far with a couple more possible.

Reservations are made, plane tickets purchased (okay, only one person had to buy plane tickets to get here to SB to drive up with us),  I am ready to pack but that might be a tad too early even for me ;o)

You can see my post from last year and Tracy’s post as well to re-read about all the fun we had.


This was Tracy & I last year at Stitches with Casey (the founder of Ravelry, just in case you live under a rock with no yarn)

I can only imagine how many photos we’ll get this year with all of us going!!! I am so excited!!


3 thoughts on “Stitches 2008 flashback

  1. Cori

    I can’t wait to get there! But I have to say that I am sad that Jess and Casey won’t be there. I was really hoping to get to see a Ravelry booth. Seriously, this is going to be so much fun!


  2. Justina

    Cori, I agree! I was especially excited after seeing the ravatar poster, that was awesome. Oh well, maybe next time. The yummy fiber must suffice.


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