A little bit of stash enhancement

I love my stash.
So much so that some might consider it a sin ;o)
I know my yarns get lonely, wanting new friends to play with so I must appease them lest they have an uprising and take my whole family hostage!

Here are the newest additions to my yarn family:

Misti Alpaca Handpainted Sock yarn in Taos:
From Knit & Pearl Boutique

misti Alpaca HP Sock~ Taos
There was almost no time to actually get a photo of the hank. I wound it and cast on immediately!

Next up, an order from 100purewool.com:

Chocolate merino lace that is being used in the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl:

100PureWool.com Merino Lace~ Chocolate

Lima merino lace (that was Tracy’s but we traded for a ball of a darker merino lace in green I had):

100PureWool.com Merino Lace~ Lima

Capricious Fingering weight to be used for socks:

100PureWool.com Fingering Merino~ Capricious

This is how it was space-dyed in the hank:

Capricious in the hank

Knitpicks Cotlin (from Tracy’s stash, we’ve been doing a lot of swapping lately):

Knitpicks Cotlin~ Moroccan Red
14 balls, that is plenty for any sweater I might fancy

RYC Cashcotton DK in color 626, 7 balls~ a pinkey, red color:
From WEBS online

RYC Cashcotton DK~ 626

And a whole afghan‘s worth of Vanna’s Choice,
instead of individual photos of each yarn how about a photo of the afghan instead?

Image of 8-Color Afghan
So cute, yes?? I love it!

Ummm….I think that may be it. Can you tell I have some knitting/crochet plans?

0 thoughts on “A little bit of stash enhancement

  1. Mmmm, there are some lovely yarns there. I love the Vanna afghan pattern. I will be so glad when I am finished teaching so I can go play in my yarn again. There is a mystery shawl CAL on Ravelry that I want to catch up with (or maybe just make after the fact. . .). And I haven’t crocheted in almost a month! My hands miss it!


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