Wollmeise Pomatomus’


These are the start of the Pomatomus socks from Knitty.

I am using Wollmeise 80/20 Twin sock yarn in a the Teifer colorway on size 1.5US knitpicks 32″ circular needles, magic loop method. I tried for months to get my hands on some of this yarn, it’s hard to come by. Finally I was able to get into the site on a day that they were updating the shop. I came away with one hank of yarn. I wanted more but I wasn’t fast enough on the mouse I guess! So I have made myself a wishlist that I can purchase from. Then I get the colors I want when they happen to have them in stock.

I have been wanting to knit these socks since the pattern was published. I started 2 pair, didn’t finish either of them. I can’t tell you why now but I am sure it wasn’t because I didn’t want them! This time around they are going to be finished!



0 thoughts on “Wollmeise Pomatomus’

  1. Chauntel, You are so lucky you could get that yarn. I’ve pretty much given up right now on the Wollmeise. Can’t wait to see how your socks turn out.


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