Venezia Pullover Started

I posted a new photo to WorksinProgressPhotos.


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  1. Believe it or not Leslie, I am using Knitpicks Essential Sock yarn in navy & green. It’s superwash wool in the right weight so I thought, “Why not??”

    It is supersoft and wonderful to work with. It doesn’t ‘felt’ together like the Jamieson’s does but I am just fine with that. The more it is washed & worn the more ‘felted’ together it will become.

    You should try to make it to a knit night some week, please!! It would be great to see you!


  2. This is so beautiful!!
    I like the idea of using knitpicks solids.
    hmmm that’s maybe what I’ll get to make the 3 stockings I want for next xmas.
    It will be budgetarily responsible AND fun (to order and receive..
    gotta go now, go surf KP and dream)
    Ps, it’s hard to read the text right now on your blog with the brown background


  3. Chauntel, thanks for thinking about me for knit night. I think it would be lots of fun to get together with other local knitters, but usually by the time I get home from work, fix dinner, get ready for the next day, chat with hubby(you know the drill), I’m just too tired. Though that’s not to say I won’t just surprise you sometime! Now, I could more easily do a couple hours on a weekend, if that kind of group ever gets together, or a lunchtime get-together even.