Disneyland Perfection

Our Disneyland trip went smmooooooth. Other than one minor meltdown on my part because George was having a hard time not stressing about work while we were gone. (I forgive him, he runs his own construction company for heavens sake.) My birthday yesterday went PERFECTLY! No meltdowns, tons of rides, presents….I love presents!

Tracy MADE, as in actually used her sewing machine, me a fantabulous wool & flannel scarf. Once I get the camera on again I promise pictures. I should have had her take them when I opened it! Why didn’t we think of that Tracy?? Darn, good moment missed. Anyways, it’s perfect. Lightweight, gorgeous mix of greens (my fave color of course) and browns. So very pleasing & useful! I use my scarves and this one is now front & center.

George bought me all Disney stuff cuz I am a freak when it comes to that. Matching mugs (tradition for every single time we go, we have way more mugs than I have room for in the kitchen but I DO NOT CARE), cutest t-shirt, fantastic frame for a picture of our group. Wanna see the picture?? Wanna??

Notice the hats? They were the most perfect hats I could have come up with! The stripes made it so easy to find eachother & we needed that! Plus, it was cool enough during the day that we wore them all of the time. Notice Sadie is in her Santa Goofy hat. She wasn’t so easy to find but it’s alright if she needs to be different ;o) Like mother, like daughter!

There are so many little details to talk about on this trip. 4 days tends to do that. Sunday morning Tracy and I went to Sephora for a 2 hour makeup marathon! We were there before opening, just us and 2 other gals, were taught all about face care (didn’t need much education there but the other gals did), then we had our makeup done by Sephora makeup artists (read: arteeessts). Rosy was my girl. She rocked! We decided we needed to go fun. We were on vacation man! Here I am

That was after a couple of hours, and she used way more foundation primer than I do so it felt like I had more of a mask on than normal, hence, the big wrinkles in the next picture

Sorry that was a super cheesy smile ;o)

Tracy also had fantasticly bright and fun makeup! I should leave it for her to show you but I just can’t!

We were beautiful & had so much fun looking like showgirls with all our clothes on!

There are many, many photos of fun magical things we did but for now that is all I have time for.