Rowan, this one’s for you!

So, you were saying a couple of weeks ago that on Ravelry you were seeing people with huge stashes. I got the distinct feeling you didn’t think mine compared ;o) hehehe

When I import my stash from ravelry into excel these are my totals: *don’t forget* not all my yarn is in ravelry yet*

Skeins: 1,058.5

Yardage: 241,509.3

Meters: 223,135.8

Grams: (this one isn’t really accurate because alot of american yarns don’t come with grams on the packaging therefore it’s not in the sum) 43,980

I wish I could say it’s all in perfect rubbermaid bins like some other peoples. Unfortunately, my house is tiny and I have to spread it out a bit more. I do have 4 bins in the shed, 3 in the garage, 2 in my office as well as a set of shelves in the garage with my cones on it, a large cabinet with 5 14″x40″x36″ drawers. It stands over 6 ft tall. 2 baskets in my office, 2 hat boxes in the house, 3 large baskets with wip’s in them as well as yarn. Oh and another bin in the office on the work desk. I think that is all. In ravelry I do have their actual place listed in the yarn description so I can find it. I have a good visual memory so I usually don’t have to hunt anything down. Then there are my canvas shoe boxes that house actual projects. There are 6 of them. So, that’s a lot of yarn.


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  1. ps, this post made me laugh out loud too!
    I wish I could knit half as fast as you, by the way
    I am totally amazed at how many beautiful projects you finish.


  2. Well I am just as amazed at how you start a project and finish it everytime. Or, if you don’t, you don’t ever let us all know that you frogged something ;o)

    Your lacework is so beautiful!


  3. Yep, slow and methodical.. The only thing I frogged lately was a sock that was too loose, now it’s two socks on a circular and they are set aside while I finish the other pair and the shawl.

    Hey I exported my stash to an excel spreadsheet.

    I have 28,880 yards of yarn. Not a contender, but that’s a loooong piece of string!!