I am actually enjoying myself!

All these hats are actually making me happy.

I thought for sure I would hate it after hat #3 but I don’t. I just keep going. I only have one more Slinky hat to make and then it’s on to the 11 or so crochet beanies that must be done.

The thing that keeps me interested is the color changing, choosing colors, color, color, color.

Pretty and interesting. I even like it when I am looking at a color sequence and questioning whether it works, then continuing on and having it turn out perfectly at the end!

Tracy has pawned her Woolease off on me (okay, some she hated the color, some she just didn’t want. A total of about 8 balls) to ‘help out’ with more colors ;o)

Let me show you my woolease bag.

I do love the stuff! The bag is all my stashed woolease plus a few of the balls from Tracy are in there.

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