As You Can See

As you can see by the 3 photos I just posted I am on a Christmas gift kick. I figure, if I can have all hats done by Nov. 1st I am way ahead of the game! That takes care of 4 families; 22 people.
Now, I did have a few hats (5) in my gift closet that have never found recipients that will work for this year. That helped a bit. Once I get the Noro Hats (I call them slinky hats cuz I am not using Noro yarn) then I will start on the boys crocheted beanies.
Those are so fast! If I focus I can get 2 done a day. But we know days don’t go perfectly so I am giving myself a hat a day requirement. Thus, I should be done by Nov. 1st.
Then I get to knit pretty things; sweaters, blankets, socks, gloves. mmmmmm….I can feel the dpn’s & sock yarn in my hands now…..