1 Christmas Hat

I have started Christmas knitting after one of my brother in laws decided I gave the best Christmas gifts ever & he can’t wait to see what I made him this year. Hats are always the gift of choice for family members. I have tried other things; scarves, socks, purses for the girls. They always come back to requesting hats!

This one is loosely based on the Noro Hat that Rowan made and posted to the Yahoo group, Santa Barbara Knitters.

I used WoolEase Thick & Quick (from my stash, thankyouverymuch), cast on 40sts, purled 3 rows, knit 3 rows on & on until it was time to decrease. Then I k5, k2tog for first decrease round. Worked 4 rounds, k4, k2tog around. I continued decreasing that way until there were only 8sts left, cut & drew the yarn through. Voila, hat.