I have my freedom back everyone! The White Mimosa is done!! YIPPEEE!!!

Again, I apologize for the picture quality.

I am actually really happy with the end result. I hated knitting it but it came out beautifully. Now I just hope it fits Mom & she’s pleased with it. I will package it up and get it sent on it’s way today!

I put it down last night after finishing & immediately picked up my Trapeze Jacket. Aaaah, how nice to return to ribbing. A lovely rhythm of knits and purls. Other than a few other small projects I will be doing that’s going to be my main focus.

Speaking of smaller projects, I did cheat a tad bit & get a hat done for Tyler and a Panta for Cori.


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  1. That vest turned out beautiful!! It’s just lovely. I can’t wait for your mom to get it. šŸ™‚ And I LOVE the panta. I think I will have to make one out of my cotton… Oh yes, I feel it coming on… the caston demon is at work. Such is the life of a knitter.


  2. The vest for mom turned out marvelous! She will love it, I am sure. And I am so glad you are able to get back to work on the trapeze jacket. Would you send me your single-crochet-hat pattern? I just cannot seem to get one to work, so I always revert to double crochet. And I LOVE the panta, thank you, thank you!! I have the package put in an envelope and I need to address it and get it in the mail to you. Love you!


  3. I have a second panta done for you so I will stick them in an envelope & try to get them mailed out this week. Don’t hold your breath! You know how we both are…6 months later…


  4. Thanks! She did love it & wore it the day she got it.

    The pattern is from Drops. It’s called Headband in eskimo or something like that. I think I linked to it previously.


  5. Oh there is no way in hell that she would allow me to post a picture of her on here with her knowledge. Now, if when I am visiting I can get her to let me take some pics & fib a little to her about where they will & will not be posted it’s possible that I could get an action shot of her in the vest ;o)

    Lois doesn’t like to cooperate all of the time. Sheesh, difficult moms….at least I know where I got it from!


  6. I can understand not wanting to model anything. Notice the Lost Points Shawl hasn’t been modeled like you requested? I’ll stick it on the “puffy” kid someday and take a pic.


  7. Okay, so I did my part and got my package in the mail to you within a few days. I don’t expect the same, just before the cold weather starts, thank you. šŸ˜‰