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It’s possible that Bloglines has fixed the problem with my feed not showing up since the middle of July.

If you haven’t been here since then you have a lot of reading & COMMENTING to do ;o)

I finished Tyler’s Tiger socks last Saturday & here they are

Skacel Trampoline in Tiger 1 ball, size 2 knitpicks classic 32″ circs, 48 sts

And since he has Tiger socks now he must have Brown Bear socks. We spent a good half hour in Knit & Pearl last Friday trying to find just the right brown in a yarn that would work for socks. We ended up with Cotton Fleece in Truffle

Now, this yarn on size 2 needles is pretty stiff. Although I know from experience that it softens a lot & has more strech once it’s been washed.  He’s pleased!

Other than those two demanded projects I have been solely working on the Sahara sweater for my class that starts in less than a month! Aaah! I must finish it this week, preferably in the next 3 days or so. I only have the sleeves left to do. The collar is 1/2 done and the body is complete, here are some teaser pics.

A lot of gaping holes huh? The beads at the bottom are the shirt tail hem.

The second this one is complete I will be finishing the Joy Cardigan from Rowan 41 and then moving right on into the Trapeze Jacket from StitchDiva, designed by Jordana Paige. I love her patterns & this one is ridiculously cute. Here’s a fuzzy pic of the pattern so no copyrights are infringed upon.

I have a few ideas for this one. I have some cashmere from Colourmart that would make a fantastic short sleeved version. I also have more Cotton Fleece that I could use for a long sleeved version, I already swatched it. I love the shape & rib pattern of this feminine being!

So, there you have it. If you’ve missed my other posts due to Bloglines retardedness please go back to my archives from July 16th until now. And comment will yah?

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