Yes, there are stalkers here just waiting for the whole ‘Sadie’s 10th Bday Party’ post since Tracy posted about it yesterday.

Y’all will just have to hold your horses! I will be surprised if my internet service let’s this get posted. It’s been off & on all day long. I will have some yarn pics, some knitting updates here and the bday post will be over on the Family blog soon enough.


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  1. Chaun, I don’t know why, but my Bloglines has not been alerting me when you’d have a new post for, like, all of August! Doh! It said something about my not being allowed access to your site. Huh? So I Googled you and wow have you been busy! I’m glad George is okay, I love your bed jacket, and I’m loving the Louet Gems in slate, is it? Yum… Gee. I thought you’d been on vacation or something. I try to reset you on Bloglines and see what happens. BTW, did you get the new Rowan? And what do you think?