New IK Preview up

The Preview for Fall ’07 Interweave Knits is up & I love Eunny. That is all I can say. IK has always been a great magazine but since Eunny has been editor you can see the design/editing staff has been on a roll!

There are so many to choose from I can’t pick just one. Colorwork, cables, lace, directional knitting; it’s all in there! Gorgeous just gorgeous!

ps my Noro Silk Garden that I ordered from Discount Yarn Sale on 4/5/07 just got here yesterday, 7/25/07. Nice. Almost 4 months in delivery, that has to be some kind of f*ed up record. But I have my yarn now so I can decide if it’s meant for the granny square blanket or if I want a sweater ;o) I may have to wait to decide until after I get my new IK.