Bunches of stuff

I have been working on a pair of socks, rewriting a pattern really, for my 2 socks magic loop class. I am using the Flutterby sock yarn on size 4 needles (knitpicks 42″).

I am also working on a pair of Tiger socks for Tyler. I was informed that if I knit him Tiger socks then I have to knit him bear and elephant socks as well. I may just do that.

The yarn is Skacel Trampoline in Tiger. It’s not knitting up exactly like they have it pictured but it’s still pretty tiger-y.

I did get some more done on the Cocoon shawl ( I am on whopping Row 44). Not a whole hell of a lot though. I got moving on socks on Sunday and that is where I may stay for a bit.  After finishing 3 sweaters in one week I am ready for small & simple.

This sucker is going to take some extreme blocking once it’s done!

I also spent 4 hours in Sadie’s room yesterday, rearranging furniture, scrubbing walls (she had used elmers glue to glue pictures to her walls, which are a flat paint, so it’s been nearly impossible to get the damn glue & paper off), hanging decorations. Just getting ready for the summer of bedroom time that is coming up. She hasn’t ever been one to hole up in her room but a mom can have dreams, right?
Using some antique metal embroidery hoops & cotton fat squares, I made her some cute wall decorations.