WWKIP Chase Palm Park, SB June 9, 07 11am

I told you all last night that I would send the info along again for WWKIPDay that is June 9, 07 Saturday.
Here is the web address for the event info:
And here are our plans for the day:
Chase Palm Park, Santa Barbara
Saturday, June 9 at 11am
If by chance it does rain, we will have it at Java Station, our usual meeting place on Thursday nights.
I think it will be a fun day out at the park. It’s a lovely setting & all we can hope for is a little sun to go along with our yarn!
I will be bringing a chair & beach umbrella for some shade in case it is sunny & hot (not very likely for June in SB) and some snacks/drinks (a case of bottled water). If you would like to bring your lunch along that would be great! There is a big playground so if you just can’t get away from your kids at that time, bring ’em along and they can play.
Please try and stop by & hang out, I think it will be fun & I don’t want to be there all alone!!

4 thoughts on “WWKIP Chase Palm Park, SB June 9, 07 11am

  1. Anonymous

    I am afraid I will have to be there in spirit only. Someone planned a trip for herself and didn’t take into account WWKIP Day. 😦


  2. Anonymous

    I am so there… and will probably have the little monkey with me too, he’s too little for the monkey bars this time around, but the playground’s a nice spot to spend the afternoon play yard or not. Good choice, good choice.

    Thanks again for organizing this – you are so organized in so many ways. Don’t know how you do it. I would not have known about World Wide Knit in Public if you hadn’t told us about it and I can’t wait to join you all for public knitting in the park!



  3. Anonymous

    I am in, hopeful they won’t give me a shift at my NEW JOB. I now work at the Fresco Museum Cafe at the SB Museum of Art. YEa! Knitting in public!


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