Cherry on top socks done

Cherry on top socks, blocking

Stitch detail on the foot/instep

Stitch detail on the leg

These were a fast & fun pair of socks to make. I used a heavier weight yarn, Cidermoon Glacier that I bought from The Loopy Ewe, on a size 2 Addi lace 32″ needles. Using magic loop method, I knit both at once. A 2 day pair of socks! My gauge was a bit tighter than the recommended 5.5sts/inch. I got 7 sts/inch. Cast on of only 48 sts & voila! A pair of socks. This would be a great pair of socks for a beginner sock knitter with just a little bit of fun, eyelet detail but nothing too scary. I will write out the pattern & post it for free on the sidebar soon.

Of course, I loved the Addi’s. They are my new favority needles & I can’t wait for K&P to get more in so I can keep hording them. The taper on the tips helps the sts move along smoothly, no catching or bunching. The cable is that perfect mixture of smooth but grippy. My sts don’t want to wander across the magic loop to join their other half.

The yarn, the yarn was fabulous! I have another hank of Glacier in the Silver Pine colorway & I do believe it might get cast on next. It didn’t split, it was smooth and flew across the needles.

All in all, a great pair of socks!

Sock Marathon mileage now up to: 1.62 miles with 3.38 miles left to go.
That is 11 pair of socks= only 1.62 miles. How sad is that? And I gave myself a goal of 5 miles by July15th. No way can I do that. I would have to keep up on my pair in 2 or 3 days & that is just not so fun. I should have some fun while doing it so I think I will just do what I do & enjoy my socks.


6 thoughts on “Cherry on top socks done

  1. Anonymous

    awesome! I use Addis for magic loop as well.. and I really enjoy them. I never wanted to spend the money on Addis because I wanted yarn instead.. but now I realize what having the right tools can do for a hobby.


  2. Anonymous

    Oooh, I really like those. Maybe they will be my first pair of knitted socks (once I’m done with the tank top).


  3. Anonymous

    very very cute socks. I will not be at knitting next week. I am off to a wedding in indiana. I am hoping for the week after but we’ll see I have to pick jonny up at the airport on that day. but


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