Watercolor Monkey

I am feeling rather proud of myself for starting Stacy’s sweater & working solely on it until it was completed (other than the random rows of knitting on the tofutsie sock which is in my purse at all times). So I thought as a treat I would start a new, fun pair of socks. How ’bout some watercolor monkeys?

I am still working on the February sweater. I am now thinking it will go to Marin’s new baby girl, born last night while we were all at knitting group, Ember Isabelle. Cutest thing ever! I do believe Peter posted the email with her pics over at the santabarbaraknitters yahoo group for those of you that are members. My goal will be to get it done so I can swing by this next week (after seeing li’l Toby at Suzanne’s) and drop it off.  Babies popping out all over the place! So glad I am done but can enjoy all of them from afar ;o)

Next up, serious focus on the twins slippers. Actually, I do believe I will go cast on.