squares & a little sugar

cotton picnic blanket, 30 squares of 144 planned. It measures 27″ by 34″ currently.
This is the center of the blanket (obviously) and the rest of the squares will be multi-colored, like the one below. No 2 the same. Some will have every round different colors, some will have mulitple rounds the same color. Whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

40 more squares ready to be joined by their colourful friends
I am really enjoying this blanket still. It’s so fun to crochet every single square a different color mix. It’s endless really.

Now for some sugar

this is one giant ball of sugar ‘n’ cream cotton yarn for dishcloths. It’s 12 oz to be exact, for $7.99 from Michael’s. They had about 12 colors on hand, ombre & solid colors. Great deal for an immediate fix of cotton but it’s still a better yarn, better quantity, better price over at Peaches & Creme.

5 thoughts on “squares & a little sugar

  1. I LOOOOOOVE your blanket! I tried to say this before but I was discombobulated by your commenting system and gave up, frustrated and unfulfilled. I now have it mastered and will comment more regularly. Here’s the secret: don’t fill out any of that login or contact info.

    Anyway, that blanket makes me want to try making one of my own, using all my cotton scraps in a sort of wild crazy quilt! I have a ton of cotton and none of it matches! Wild,crazy colors, muted colors, pastels, you name it.

    I love granny squares. Granny squares were my first fiber creations. I was 9.



  2. You got it on the comments section although you can fill in your contact info just not the login info & then your name appears linked to your site at the top instead of it saying anonymous.

    And yes, random scrap blankets are way too fun! Crocheting them is the way to go too. It’s so fast & granny squares take up next to no room to store whilst being made.


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