I want to talk but…

I just can’t think of anything to post so I guess that means I shouldn’t just get on here & chatter nonsense, yes? Well, here I am.

I haven’t been knitting as much as I would like. This week was catch up for me after my trip. Doing things like taking watches in for new batteries, returning the rental flute that Sadie no longer needs that has been in & out of the car for 3 months waiting to be returned, getting certain colored articles of clothing for kindergarten plays, you know, the typical mom stuff.

Today was busy, making up for Sadie being home with a fever on Monday and Tyler being home with a fever & sore throat yesterday. You would  think that since I didn’t leave the house those 2 days I would have had a lot of knitting done. Nope. I did what I am doing now. Wasting all my time in the internet-suck-of-time.

I did ball up my newest sock yarn purchase from The Loopy Ewe, some gorgeous cherry on top by Cider Moon. It’s beautiful but not as bright as in all the pictures, a bit washed out you could say. I do love it though so it will become some Monkey socks soon enough!

I have been slowly working on the sleeves of the EZ style cotton cardigan for my sister Stacy. My focus really will be only on that sweater until it’s done. I have plans swirling in my head constantly. Like how I can change the baby February sweater from The Knitter’s Almanac into a full sized sweater for myself with minimal changes. Today Knitting Workshop came in the mail & that ate up an hour this afternoon. I get sucked into EZ’s books like no others. I love her pithy directions, they make me laugh out loud and my husband thinks I am crazy. It’s great.

I have been on a shoe crawl for a certain pair of shoes & if I find them, look out, shoe pictures!!!

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