I am tempted to do an entire list on the sidebar of projects that I have the yarn for and want to make. I think it would scare me out of knitting though. Overwhelmed would be the appropriate word. I don’t think I could knit them all in years. But they are there for me to peruse, pick & choose, whenever I am ready to cast on a new project. I do believe that there are over 30 now, yarns, patterns, books, all ready to go. To keep them organized, remind myself of what there is to choose from and for visual motivation I do believe a sidebar list is going to do the trick. Bear with me, this one is going to take a while to get up….


2 thoughts on “Tempting

  1. Anonymous

    I would be scared out of knitting too.. if I tried to figure out how many projects worth of yarn I have. *shudders*


  2. Anonymous

    I am afraid this is becoming my new obsession…buying yarn with the patterns and then storing them. With the addition of the socks you gave me to knit last week… I think I am up to 15. That’s just a tad scary… lol We will get through this together. We may need to start a support group: Project Collector’s Anonymous.


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