Tracy’s new sitting area

Today was one good day! Tracy’s chair came from Ikea, I got rid of an old chair by setting out for free on our sidewalk and the huge couch got put in the kids playroom. Whew! It was a workout but I am so pleased with it!
So here is the area in the living room before.

(Please ignore the mess all around my chair to the left back)

Now here is Tracy’s new sitting area with her table and her own set of boxes.

Look at the difference it made in natural light in the room! I love it! (Please don’t look at how dirty the carpet is surrounding where the couch was, ahem)
I decided to take a picture of our matching chairs too cuz she’s my bff and we match in more ways than one.

It is really hard to get good pictures at night with marcasite lampshades so everything is orange tinted. Oh well. You get the idea. I am not so sure about the matchy, matchy chair covers but I can always buy just the pad through Ikea if I decide I want a change. Cream leather comes to mind. mmmm….like buttah’


2 thoughts on “Tracy’s new sitting area

  1. Anonymous

    What a Huge difference!! I didn’t realize how much room that couch used… I can’t wait to see it on Saturday. 🙂 And I will be bringing my camera to take pics of us in our chairs.


  2. Anonymous

    Looks great!
    But…um….where am I supposed to sit when I get a chance to come over? I don’t think George would be happy if I kick him off his couch, hehehe


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