Progress is being made to make room for new yarns

Okay so after my binge spending last week I have decided it’s time to get my crap together and finish some things. So Friday I finished the Great Absorba Bathmat for my tiny bath.

I could list all I have coming but then I would possibly die of a heartattack. Lots of it (ok all of it) was either on clearance or just such a good deal that I had to have it. For now my goal is to finish the cream cabled sweater from Rebecca 32. Here are my 2 pieces, front & back, that are finished. I have the sleeves cast on & a couple of rows done. Knitting them at the same time will take about as long as the front took me but I am not going to work on anything else. 2, maybe 3 days I am hoping. Then assembly and the cowl collar, 218 sts in 2×2 rib for 18cm. That’ll be a fun way to top it off

I love woolease. It has all the feel of wool and the flexibility of acrylic while still being soft and lovely (and don’t forget inexpensive).

10 thoughts on “Progress is being made to make room for new yarns

  1. Did you like the pineapple table cloth?? My best buy in a while I would say. And yes, woolease makes me so happy it’s ridiculous. I often wonder when I am working with 100%wool why I am torturing myself when I am probably going to overwash it & ruin it. ah well, that is being diverse I guess.


  2. That is going to be a gorgeous sweater. I for one and considering starting a tank top and scrapping the sweater till later ….this weather!! Yeesh!
    And I am excited about using Cottonease. Although I can appreciate your appreciation of Woolease (what?). You get my point. hehe


  3. I didn’t even see it!! I do like. Actually, I like it a lot! It’s very fresh and summery. I forget that woolease is usually a good substitute for many of these patterns.


  4. I love that these cables are braided. They are actually no brain cables. You cable every right side row. It goes faster than you would think.


  5. Chauntel, that Absorba bathmat is the #1 project I’d like to do in the Mason Dixon book, it looks so GOOD in the color you chose.
    (It’s great to be able to keep up with your incredibly speedy knitting life and sundry other things you post).
    Cheers, Tessa (now in MN)


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