I am back on the blog-train

Have you noticed that I am actually blogging??? Words & everything. This morning I am going to share the soap socks that Tracy & (she has a pictorial of hers on her blog as well) I did with pictures!! A few words on the soap socks. Tracy really got me going on these things. We tried Euroflax linen, SWTC Bamboo and various leftover wools, mostly from HPY. Don’t worry ladies, we didn’t harm any crack yarn in the making of these soap socks.

I made myself 2, 1 using the Bamboo and 1 using some of my scrap yarn. As I mentioned in a previous post, we found some yummy soap bars at Ross. In the bamboo I used one of the large Goat’s milk bars (from Scotland, that is why I truly bought them) and in the wool I used an acne soap bar that is about half gone. Just enough so that if I hate it I can toss it without the guilt of the cost of a bar. I am cheap like that.

Here they are being knit, midway, using magic loop. THey are on separate needles, I didn’t knit them at the same time seeing as how they are 2 totally different gauge needles.

Here is the bamboo, in color Azul. I did some sections of garter as well as stockinette to give it some more exfoliating power.

And here is the wool/acne soap bar. The colors are fun, like a circus.

Now, to compare the two.

In the shower, the bamboo soap sock kinda just moved around the soap, even though it’s knit on there tightly. I had to really work it around to get the lather going & coming through the bamboo. And, it didn’t exfoliate quite the way I would have liked.

The wool, on the other hand, lathered up nicely and exfoliated much more than I expected. It’s a singlespun wool so it will felt faster than if it were plyed. But what a great use of scrap yarns!

Yesterday afternoon I decided that some ideas for baby gifts I had just weren’t cutting it. So I went ahead & started something new. A reader is the recipient so mum’s the word until it’s done & gifted. Then I can share.

I have been working on dads socks a little here & there. 6 weeks should be enough time to not have to focus solely (hehe, no pun intended) on them.

And here is a picture of the Bea Ellis Knitwear Horse Hat. It was really hard to get the colors at night with no flash. Once I get cast on I will get some good natural light photos. I love how they send the wools for the hat & then the cotton for the forehead liner. I really can’t wait to get this started (and finished) so as soon as the mystery baby gift is done I will for sure start it.


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  1. Anonymous

    I am defenitely going to try it out. I don’t want it to felt too fast though I don’t think. I don’t know. I may just get a huge box of costco bathbars since they are so cheap to mess around with.


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