Saturday- put my butt to work day

I got about 20 minutes of knitting done this morning before needing to jump into a work Saturday. Now, we are lazy on the weekends. It is rare we do yard or housework on the weekends, that is saved for the week after school & work so that we can spend all weekend on our butts. But, I had to go and offer to re-organize & clean out my husbands work trailer (7’x12′). Actually this is how it really went down:

George- I have got to do something about that trailor (as he opens the back doors and tools literally fall on his feet).

Me- I will do it if you pay me a thousand bucks.

George- I would happily pay you to do it.

Me- (thinking before speaking, ‘What is a more realistic figure that I could get away with demanding before offering it up?’) Okay, seriously the next free Saturday I will do it for 500 bucks.

George- You got it.

Me- (running as fast as I can to get to a phone to tell Tracy we are making $250 each, before asking cuz who doesn’t want $250) Tracy, how would you like to make $250 cleaning out & organizing George’s trailor one Saturday???

Tracy- ummmm…..OKAY!!!

Now, today rolls around, my period starts. The last 2 days I had been telling both George & Tracy how I so did not want to do it. At all. But of course I gave in & did my fair share. Before Tracy even got here I had bought myself a new set of pruning shears and whacked the hell out of all shrubs, bushes, verge in my front yard. Tracy arrives, I am sitting in the middle of my driveway on my butt with said shears at my side. Breathing heavy and nursing some stupid injury from fixing a pair of rollerblades. George is at Home Depot with one kid. I was tired at that point. Knitting really is not so much of an aerobic/ strength building activity. Cutting all that greenery really took what little steam I had & whoooshed it all away.

But George got home, opened up the trailor doors & we started going. I have to say, it was much more fulfilling that I expected. We got it done in less than 3 hours. That is a pretty decent hourly wage! And I will also say that I have never seen it so logically organized. If only tools could look as orderly and neat as yarn does. Alas, we came inside, George made us pig-ribs for dinner and we knit. Both working on soap socks. Tracy had her first one almost finished using Euroflax and it’s fantastic! I made one out of some super thick/thin wool so that it will felt on size 10’s. It was a tad faster. So I thought my new bamboo would be great. Yeah that stupid tube is taking forever! We have some honkin’ big soap bars that we found at Ross. Some are gifties & some for ourselves. I used a turkish cast on and magic loop then a kitchener to close it up at the top & chain crocheted a hanging loop on the top corner. Happy I am.

I will do pics of the bamboo one to show more precisely the manufacture of said soap sock.

So, what shall I do with my $250 hard earned dollars? Yarn? George finally said I have enough & it would be wrong to have more. sigh. He is right of course. There is an entryway bench I have been dyeing to have. Also, I would love to buy myself some new fantastic glasses. Then there are the cones of Euroflax that I am dyeing to have. Oh wait, no yarn. Um…right. Guess that leaves glasses or a bench. I may be able to do both if I wait until the bench is on sale. And don’t do transitions lenses in my glasses. No, have to have the lenses. Now I am just rambling.  I will not leave you all waiting with baited breath. Once I make my decision on what to do with all my new $$$ I will let you know. (listen to me, you would think I won the lottery or something, I am so lame)