Services are temporarily still unavailable

But Julie from Knit & Pearl is letting me use the computer before the start of teaching my class tonight. ;o) Thanks Julie!

I have done more knitting in the last month not having the internet at my house. I must say, beside the ridiculous inconvenience of not having everything in the world at my fingertips, I have rather enjoyed the solitude. Must be my mood.

Last week Tyler & I shared a horrendous cold, I had to reschedule my class and miss knitting. But I am alive & well this week so it’s all good. I will be there Thursday with bells & whistles on.

Just as a teaser, I have finished 3 sweaters, 2 bags, 2 pair of socks. On the needles, a curtain, socks, and a jumble of sweaters.

I got my new Interweave knits yesterday and HO BOY! Eunny got my number again. I have cast on her entrelac socks and LOVE them.

Gotta go, class starts in a few minutes and I have over 1000 emails to delete ;o)

3 thoughts on “Services are temporarily still unavailable

  1. Wow! Your internet service has been out an entire month, you use an internet telephone service and you still have your sanity?
    I’m impressed.


  2. I can’t wait to see you Thursday!! I’ve missed you the last few weeks…..

    And WOW….I can’t believe how much knitting you’ve done! Crazy….I’ve only finished the back of one sweater in that time and now I’m working on one of the sleeves, ha!

    I hope everything gets worked out soon!


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