2.4 miles down, 97.6 miles to go

Phew, 2.4 miles & 18 rows logged today.

I am very much a multi-tasker. Since George & Tracy were working I couldn’t call & bug them while on my walk. Talking is my preferred method of entertainment while exercising. So I thought I would give my very favorite past time a whirl while walking, knitting.

I grabbed the Jaywalkers I started for my mom  a while back using Over the Rainbow Pebble superwash merino, stuck them in my bag with camera, sony discman (I am so old school, I know) with Operation Ivy,  Smartwater and took off.

So I figure if I can keep the socks going to motivate me. Mom asked why she had no new socks. Now I can kill 2 birds with one stone.

I have to say I am rather proud of myself for this one!


6 thoughts on “2.4 miles down, 97.6 miles to go

  1. Anonymous

    That’s awesome!!
    I was walking to Starbucks (office coffee run) downtown and I was totally tempted to take out my knitting (which was in my purse) and work on it while I walked. I would have except I was kinda rushing, and I didn’t think it’d be a good combo.
    Glad you could manage it though!! Way to go!


  2. Anonymous

    I listen to audiobooks when I work out and you can download a ton of them for free through the SB library. A really good story will keep me going for an extra half hour sometimes!


  3. Anonymous

    You know how they always tell you to “remember to breathe” in exercise classes? I’m temped to remind you to look up from the knitting periodically so you don’t walk into a poll, or on-coming traffic! Especially if you’re wearing headphones.
    But seriously, that sounds cool. Proud of you for taking it up!
    Walk on girl. Walk on.
    ~ Suzanne


  4. Anonymous

    i seem to have no trouble watching where I am walking & not my knitting. I do look down at my knitting more on the pattern round but I still have yet to trip or miss a curb ;o)


  5. Anonymous

    Oh how I love audio books. LOTR The Two Towers unabridged is what I am listening to. But for my first walk I needed some punkrock to get me moving.


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