Why can’t we ever be satisfied?

The grass is always greener, isn’t it? I have no real love for any projects I am working on. I am only working on them out of guilt for not having finished them yet. Isn’t that a terrible thing to do with your hobby/obsession? I think so.

So, I will finish up some of the faster projects and just not worry about the guilt if I decide to start something new. The something new may just be vests for the kids. Crochetme has a new issue out and the Summit Hill pattern is the perfect thing for my kids. They all like active clothes. Pieces that layer well are exactly what we need here on the coast where it’s chilly in the morning but not cold enough for a coat.  And I can pretty much guarantee you that I have yarn on hand to make the vests too. I hope I do. A few years ago all I had in my stash was washable yarn. Now it’s mostly handwash wools of some blend or another. I will have to do some digging.

So, my new goals…. finish the clapotis scarf, finish the November socks of the month, finish the Filatura Di Crosa sweater (the back is done and the front half done) and copy a pattern from the Holiday JCrew catalog, that of course is not online so I can’t show you the picture. Oh, maybe it was JJill. Gimme a sec….

There it is! Cabled ribs. Simple & simply fantastic! If I can get it just right I will offer it as a free pattern on the sidebar. How many times have I promised that? Too many I think ;o)


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