Look at what I have coming!

Of course, socks that rock got me again.

Random Stripe
Kits includes: 3 skeins Sock Candy in complimentary colors, Tube Sock pattern and project tube carrier .

Chocolate, Coral and Poppy

Hellooo!!! Tube socks. Nothing more to say about that. Except that they come in a project tube carrier. I am pretty sure I will have no patience waiting for this kit to come.


2 thoughts on “Look at what I have coming!

  1. Anonymous

    Those look fun!

    I definitely need to bring my knitting supplies to group this week!

    (PS: I got the bag! Thanks for the coupon *grin*)


  2. Anonymous

    if i wasn’t so amused by the christmas ball colorway or STR. was serously considering a pair of them Maybe after all my christmas/birthday money…


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