I have been trying to post since last Friday and had nothing but trouble between blogharbor and IE. It’s a new problem that I have not encountered before and may have found a way around it. I will have to post pictures in separate posts so that I don’t lose all words plus pics. I had 2 GREAT posts too that have now been lost to the www world and will never return. I think we should call the world wide web, world war three. Just a thought.

So I am completely prepared for my first sock class that I am teaching tonight over at Knit & Pearl. I wouldn’t say that makes me ready but I am prepared.

I am still sticking to my list. I have been working on the Jefferson and my cream sweater. I can now knock Sadie’s sweater and the sock class sock off the list. That is joyous! I do love both of the sweaters that I am working on, lots of simple pretty cables to keep me interested without the hassle of charts or patterns to memorize. 2 and 4 row cables, what could be simpler? well, stockinette of course but that I was trying to be rhetorical. nice try, chaun.

I am really trying my hardest to keep from casting on for another Starsky. After Tracy finished hers I am swatched and swatched with one yarn I have but could not match gauge. I gave up and reminded myself that I have “a list” now that needs to be adhered to so I can actually accomplish some things! gosh.

So now I must prepare dinner early so that I can get my kiester out the door on time for my class ~whisper~ I am really trying to get there early to do a bit of shopping in the store before the class starts ~end of whisper~

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  1. Hey! I’m trying to leave you a comment asking how your class went and it will not let me! I’ll try again. Oh yea, and let’s see what you bought!


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