freaky friday

My kids had a real issue with today being Friday the 13th. Personally I like it. It’s a lucky number to me & Friday is always a good day.

As Erin pointed out in a comment on my last post I didn’t show you the third project that I started from Rebecca #32. Here it is.

You can see the yarn in the top corner. That is a ball of yarn that is not being knit with. I have misplaced the project. Okay, I haven’t looked real hard for it. I started the sweater, decided I had way too many projects going and put it away. I do believe I put it in a canvas storage box with the granny square blanket but I haven’t checked. I know that when I do see it I will *want* to work on it & put all else aside. I don’t *want* to do that so it will stay hidden/lost until I have lost all self control & dig it out.

I did receive my Lisa Souza order of Lime’n Violet sock yarn. Gorgeous, soft, scrumptious sock yarn. I do believe it has to wait to be balled because Tracy & Kalah have the swift this weekend. They are having a swift part ( I would call it a balling party).

I should be finishing the Jaywalker socks tonight. Then I need to cast on with some Trekking for a sample pair of socks for a class I will be teaching. On the side I have been working on the green lacey hoodie from Rebecca #32. I love that pattern. I do believe I will be able to finish it in the next week if I can get some knitting time in during the day. I am hoping this weekend will be productive. It was supposed to rain today through tomorrow morning & I was really looking forward to that cozy fall feeling. Alas, it did not happen.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, indoors or out!



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  1. Anonymous

    Your mention of Rebecca reminds me that I still have all that linen yarn and I don’t know what it wants to become. I like the sweater, and that hank of yarn is so pretty. I like the colors. It will be interesting to see how it knits up!


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