Peaked bracelet pattern

boutone buttons

Finished length– 7.5 inches

Yarn– about 30 yrds of handpaintedyarn boutone wool in color liquidamber


Any other fingering/heavy fingering weight yarn

Needles– US size 3

Gauge– 28 sts and 27 rows= 4 inches  over pattern

double decrease- Sl 2 knitwise together, k1, pass 2 slsts over k1.

double increase- (k1,yo,k1) all in the same st.

Pattern stitch

Row 1- k1, ssk, *k9, double dec: rep from*, end k9, k2tog, k1.

Row 2- k2, *k4, double inc, k4, p1;rep from *,  end k1.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for pattern.

Bracelet instructions~

Cast on 63 sts.

Following pattern stitch rows above start with row 1, follow pattern rows until bracelet measures desired height. End with row 2.

Bind off, knitting all stitches across as you bind off. Do not bind off in pattern.

Sew on 2 small buttons that will slide through the edge garter stitches.
Sew in ends & voila! Fini

If you wanted, you could add a watch face similar to the Boogie time watch/bracelet on

boutone bracelet

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