In order of inspiration

I am going to just start off  after my hiatus by posting whatever inspires me. So it will be disjointed for sure. There will be some stuff that is not knit related from our trip to Idaho & Utah but that is just life. I will eventually get over to the family website to update there also.

First off I must brag. I mom has been begging me for months to prepare George to make her a breakfront cabinet for her kitchen. Well we got there and the day after Christmas they had their plans all set & a take off list of lumber for the project. My dad & George set off on the morning of the 27th to the local lumber yard in Rexburg, ID to get what they needed to start. After a total of about 9 working hours this is what they ended up with.

Now 2 weeks later they have it all painted, antiqued and in the kitchen.

Gorgeous isn’t it???

I love it! Jealous is what I am! I beg George constantly to make me things but here at home life takes over & he is too busy. He had a great time building it & my dad learned a lot so maybe now my mom will bug him instead of George for new, large wood items!

On to other things. I have been acquiring more yarn than I have been using. That is to be expected with a birthday and christmas back to back but now I have to figure out what the hell to make with it all! I am in a bit of a creative funk at the moment. I did receive books to help inspire me but I think I just need a month to recover from the holiday gift rush to really get my bearings & be truly motivated.

I am really excited to start the Secret Pal 7! Really excited because my new pal is accomplished and will be fun to spoil! Pics to come of gifts going out to her.

On the trip I finished some hats, a clapotis and not much else. I did finish a felted bag for a friend of my mom’s. I need to sew on the handles and maybe a clasp of some kind then off in the mail it goes!

I have read over a hundred email in the last 2 hours & am in dire need of a break now so I will see you all soon!



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