I forgive my mail lady just for today!

I love getting mail! But my lame ass mail lady has a tendency to take her merry old time delivering! So I dont get my mail until after 5pm most days! When she has a sub I get it sooner…explain…my teeth are clenched now writing about her!

But I forgive her today because she actually brought me some fun goodies! Fiber for more spinning! Like I need to add anything else to my to-do list. So I will post some pics of the fibers after this post. I already spun up some of the merino/tussah silk blend & I am truly in love! I haven’t spun any of the darker fiber yet because I was having so much fun with the silk blend. I must go take a picture of the yarn on the spindle. I do plan to ply this yarn that is why it is so thin.

Anyhoo…our satellite receiver burned out so today I had one of the recordable dvr’s installed. woohoo! How perfect is that for bedtime with the kids. 3 minutes lost here…4 there…8…over there…ooohhp potty time… mommy says grrrr! But now I can still get mad, say grrr & not miss my shows. How perfectly selfish of me! Mother of the year, that’s me!

I was pretty proud of myself today for getting all those pics taken & posted. I do wish I could say I sat down & knit both sleeves for George’s sweater. Unfortunately I just spin myself more yarn for knitting that I don’t have time for. DOH!

Okay I have to go beddy-bye now. It’s late & my eyes are stinging so I suppose that means they want to sleep. Or I have crap in them. One or the other. Oh, coughing kid out of bed. Til tomorrow….

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