Fiber Fun Day Saturday July 8th

Wichita Knitters’ Guild is happy to host Knit, spin, crochet Day!!

From 10am-6pm, Saturday July 8th we will have an open knit/spin/crochet day at the Wichita Central Library in the Patio Room.

$2 per person goes to paying for the room and into the Guild coffers.

We’ve got the Patio room all day Saturday, June 8th from 10am – 6pm.

The room is located on the 1st floor all the way at the back behind the computer lab.

We can bring in food and drinks, spinning wheels and all our bags of fibery goodness. Chairs & tables provided, if you need a seat cushion, bring your own.

Any questions contact Chauntel, 316.633.3217

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Sale! Sale! Sale! This Weekend, Fri-Sun, at American Maid in Wichita 

Looking for a great way to find yarns, fiber, notions at a great price? We all know it’s been difficult in Kansas for Local Yarn Stores in recent years, this is a way to get your hands on fiber fix! 

Join us at American Maid, 1717 Briggs St in Riverside, Wichita

Friday, May 26th, 10am-4pm

Saturday, May 27th, 9am-4pm

Sunday, May 28th, 11am-3pm

I am still taking items for the sale as well! Mark your items with your name and the price, then deliver to me for inventory. Simple as that! 

More details in the original post about the iCT DeSTaSH SaLe 

Starting Saturday! Cap Sleeve Lattice Class 

Starting Saturday!! 

The Cap Sleeve Lattice Class is going to be a quintessential piece in your summer wardrobe. 

In this class you will learn seaming, and a basic mesh pattern that makes this top light and airy. 

View the Ravelry project page for yarn ideas and gorgeous color choices. 

Call or visit Picket Fence Quilt Co to sign up! 

Class dates: 5/13, 6/3, 6/17, 6/24 

Class time: 12:30-2:30pm

Class fee: $50

3/15/17 Tonight’s Meeting

Source: 3/15/17 Tonight’s Meeting

Our morning meeting was a blast, but we did find out that there is more interest in some aspects of Ravelry, namely forums/groups & searches, than expected.

So, with that being said, we’re asking you to limit your Show & Share to 3 items. That way, all will be able to share and the presentation won’t be rushed.

Next month we will present Ravelry Stash & Projects.

Thanks, all!! Looking forward to tonight!

Russian Join in Fingering Weight Single Spun Yarn

This last month at Wichita Knitters’Guild Tami Carlson taught about weaving in ends in lace, and this join was a large part of the discussion so I wanted to demonstrate how fabulous (and so easy)  it is to do. 

First, I chose a needle just smaller in diameter than the yarn, with a very sharp tip. Both in this photo are acceptable, I’m using the longer needle for the demonstration just because I can ☺️

Next, I take my new yarn crossing it over the old in a t, then folding the ends back on themselves. 

Thread the needle in one end, it truly doesn’t matter which end of the two you start with. Now begin weaving your needle through the same yarn; new to new, old to old, for at least 3″ on each side. 

Do you see the loop at the bottom of the woven yarn, where the other end is laying through? You need to pull the tail of the yarn you wove back on itself to close that loop down on the other strand of yarn. 

Once both ends have been woven back on themselves, make sure both loops have been pulled tightly closed and feel smooth when you run your fingers across them. 

Pull both yarns,  letting the tails hang, testing your join, and at the same time, smoothing things out. 

Voila! Knit right on over that join. 

I like to wait to cut my ends until after my piece has been fully blocked,always remembering to cut them close to the fabric on the right side (public) of my work so the ends pop to the back if seen at all. 

Proud American Knitter

Yes, this is a political post.

I have many friends, students, and customers that may feel this is not the best place to post political views, but this directly affects every American, and many that are not American citizens.
I have been knitting pink hats for the PussyHatProject for the Woman’s March on Washington, and enjoying every second of it.

14 or 15 hats in total
(honestly, I lost count…)

They will be worn in 3 different states, by women, girls, men, and boys.
I am one proud knitter!

This is one of my oldest friends and her family ready to march in Sacramento, CA tomorrow and I could not be more proud!

I will be wearing my hat in solidarity tomorrow while I am working. I have half a dozen hats in the Wichita march, 10am meet at The Keeper of the Plains. I will be just around the corner at American Maid, hosting the iCT DeSTaSH SaLe from 9am – 6pm.
I love my country, I love my freedoms, and I love that I can stand up and be heard in a respectful, peaceful yet uber-strong manner. I love my right to speak up against what I feel, and know, to be an injustice for the American people. I own it.