Knit Sweater Math – Just a bit 

At our knitting retreat this past weekend I took a few hours to teach a couple of the gals how to take their measurements, how to do math for a different gauge for a sweater pattern, and then re-wrote an entire sweater pattern for the difference in stitches and rows, and adjusted for the knitter’s exact measurements; lengthen the body, lengthen the yoke (a full mosaic pattern), moved the decreases from the sides to the back to work with the shape of her bum and back.

Then, I come home yesterday and find that there is a new episode from The PassioKnit Spinner about the same thing!

Instead of fully posting a lesson here, I will happily share her great video. She is German so you’ll have to imagine she’s using inches, not cm. It’s all the same math, so no worries there!


 The PassioKnit Spinner Podcast – Bonus Episode “Sweater Maths” – YouTube


Colorwork myth? Color Dominance, You Decide

When I first tried colorwork with multiple colors in a round I only knew how to knit Continental, with the yarn in my left hand. I didn’t have any idea that there was the option to hold yarns separate in right and left hands.
Then, I met someone that told me to correctly knit stranded knitting I should separate my yarns and hold in each hand. There are benefits; speed, catching floats invisibly, yarns not as tangled, etc.

Well, over the years I have changed solely to two-handed stranded knitting, and at times I struggle with my tension on those individual stitches. I do all the little tips and tricks I have read over and over about color dominance in stranded knitting.
I won’t link to those articles here, this is about the old school use of one hand for colorwork.
I have missed my usual weekly knit group that meets for Wednesday Lunch Bunch for just about the last 6 months. Work and life have taken over Wednesdays.  I guess this has been a topic, and I am intrigued.
Do I want to go back to single handed Continental stranded knitting?

I currently work double knitting with both colors in my Continental hold. I use a yarn guide to keep the yarns from twisting at my finger hold, why not just hold and tension the same way and switch to stranded knitting for my next big colorwork sweater?

Watch a few videos on the topic and enjoy the personalities (and their rather strong opinions)!

Knitting vs. the World: 10 Things Only a Knitter Understands –

Non knitters just don’t get it. If you’re a knitter, then you’ve probably been subjected to stares, eye rolls, and the most annoying questions. Here’s a list of the top 10 GIFS only a knitter understands. Yes, knitter. It’s us vs. them. Pick up your sticks and be prepared. 1. Your need for enormous amounts of yarn via GIPHY 2. The ability to pull yarn out of any bag or purse and knit everywhere via GIPHY 3. The need to pet your yarn via GIPHY 4. Spending hours organizing your stash, WIPs, and FOs (and the fact you know what these abbreviations mean) via GIPHY 5. Sometimes you just want to knit in peace via GIPHY 6. Your demands are simple via GIPHY 7. That you add something special to everything you knit via GIPHY 8. That when you knit you get out a lot of anger and frustration via GIPHY 9. That you take knitting road trips with your squad via GIPHY 10. When knitting is lifevia GIPHYRead more knitting tips and articles like this

Source: Knitting vs. the World: 10 Things Only a Knitter Understands –

Holidays & Stuff

While it’s still in the 60’s here in the Midwest the holiday decor and spirit are strong.
Knitting & crocheting warm, fuzzy things is in full swing, as well as finishing up the commission knits I have lined up.

A few Christmas gifts are on the needles and hooks, and I am sad not to have photos to post! When the knitting progress is almost all secret it gets a little hard to stay up on the social media postings.

But, there are some things coming up! The calendar for Jan-March knitting classes at Picket Fence Quilt Co is full! Beginner classes, next step intermediate classes, sweater, shawls, BSJ. I am pretty pleased with this next round of classes. As soon as they are scheduled in the computer they will go up under the Classes & Lessons tab.

A change coming up, the Wichita Knitters’ Guild is now meeting at the Wichita Central Library downtown. Same meeting day & times, just a more central location with media capability so we can use projectors for demonstrating and video. Super fun!
Guild board elections are in January so make sure you read the officer roles and nominate yourself! All positions are open, although I must admit, I am reluctant to give up the Treasurer position. So much work handing it over, the name changes on financials is always a pain in the butt. But, if there is a qualified member that wants the position, more power to them!

String Exchange has launched, we are closing orders out for the Spunky Eclectic yarns & fiber, but we are keeping a lot of the products open for ordering permanently and adding more items in the very near future.

For now, that’s all the news. I think…

Announcing: The String Exchange

Winter 2017

Fiber & Yarn

Spunky Eclectic Targhee Fiber & Mountain Sport Targhee Yarn

View Fiber & Yarn »

Suggested Patterns

We’ve chosen patterns for sweaters and accessories that will pair perfectly with our yarn selections.

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What Is String Exchange?

We started String Exchange as an attempt to quench the thirst of fiber and yarn enthusiasts in the Wichita area. We may not quench your thirst, but we can keep you regularly hydrated!
Denise Renee of Filament Fiber Arts and Chauntel Ensey of Firebrunette Knits bring you quarterly special offers of yarn and fiber from amazing companies. We also provide pattern suggestions for each offering. This will give us all a chance to sample different talent, breeds, twist, and colorways.
Order the yarn, fiber, and patterns online or with one of us and we will deliver your order at our fiber meet up groups. We are not offering shipping at this time.

You will receive a 5% discount off retail.
Sales tax is included and there is no shipping charge.
The savings will be over a 10% discount in the end!

String Exchange Blastoff!

Join us on Small Business Saturday!!
November 25th
Bring your knitting, crochet, weaving, and spinning to spend time with other fiber folks ! We are featuring Targhee wool and yarn indie dyed from Spunky Eclectic. There will be yarn  and fiber to fondle in both of our 2 colorways, Merlot and Last Leaf. You can order at the gathering or in the comfort of your home on our website.

Location and time to be announced.

We are featuring Spunky Eclectic yarn and fiber this season, bringing in the warm colors of fall and the holidays.

Spunky Eclectic:

Amy King (aka ‘Boogie’) is the owner of Spunky Eclectic, a fiber studio that is both a brick-and-mortar and online store. One of the most dedicated and impassioned of the “younger generations” of handspinners, she has played a significant role in the spinning community for years. Known for her fiber prep and dyeing, she is acclaimed by spinners across the country as well as internationally for her fiber samples and innovative fiber club. The Spunky Eclectic shop is focused on spinning and weaving featuring a wide selection of wheels, spindles, looms, fibers, and handpainted yarns as well as instruction; everything a weaver and spinner needs to get going and keep going.
Yarn and Fiber

Yarn and Fiber (2)


Targhee: Notes from The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook

The Targhee sheep was born of practicality. In 1926, USDA researchers bred Rambouillet rams with Corriedale and Lincoln/Rambouillet eyes and back crossing the offspring with each other. They did this to make a dual purpose sheep, good for meat and fleece.This resulted in a fairly long wool that is fine with loft and elasticity, great for “making soft, cozy, resilient textiles that feel indulgent, yet wear well. Using a light touch in spinning will help keep the fibers flowing and Targhee also felts well.

Order NOW through December 1 – Deliveries in early 2018

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Suggested Patterns

Suggested Patterns (6)

We are also offering this discount on ALL fiber & yarn available at Spunky Eclectic.
In order to receive other items at the sale price you will need to compile your list of items and contact us through the Special Orders link on the Shop Page.
We will then send you an invoice that must be paid by the December 1st deadline for ordering.
Special Orders

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Fiber Fun Day & Summer Classes


Wichita Knitters’ Guild is happy to host Knit, spin, crochet Day!!

From 10am-6pm, Saturday July 8th we will have an open knit/spin/crochet day at the Wichita Central Library in the Patio Room.

$2 per person goes to paying for the room and into the Guild coffers.

We’ve got the Patio room all day Saturday, June 8th from 10am – 6pm.

The room is located on the 1st floor all the way at the back behind the computer lab.

We can bring in food and drinks, spinning wheels and all our bags of fibery goodness. Chairs & tables provided, if you need a seat cushion, bring your own.
If you are not yet a member of the Wichita Knitters’ Guild this is a good time to take advantage of a social gathering to talk to members and pick guild board member’s brains with any questions you may have about joining a knitting guild and what it’s all about.

Any questions contact Chauntel, 316.633.3217

Summer is a time for lightweight knits, lots of color and some new techniques. In this round of classes we’ll work on a uniquely constructed lightweight sweater, learn to knit socks, and learn to thrum using wool roving in our knitting.

There is also a Beginning Knitting class to encourage your friends to join you in this fiber odyssey.
Call Picket Fence to register today!

Check out these beauties!
Upcoming Classes 

Hachure Sweater by Bristol Ivy

July 6th, 20th, August 3rd, 17th, & 31st
6 – 8pm
Ravelry Pattern Page


The unique construction and lightweight fabric of this sweater is a must have in your year-round wardrobe. You can knit the sleeves to any length you prefer, making it ideal to customize to your preference.
Any sock yarn will work, but we have some beautiful yarns at the shop so that you can do a special order before class starts, choosing the colors YOU want!


Thrummed Slippers

August 5th, 12th, 19th
10am – 12pm
Ravelry Pattern Page

With our winter climate changing we don’t exactly reach for thrummed mittens any longer. But, who wouldn’t want a pair of cushy, warm slippers!?
These are so fun to knit and you get to use wool roving to knit with, not just boring old yarn.


Beginning Knitting

July 10th, 17th, 24th, & 31st

I think EVERYONE should learn to knit! Not everyone becomes a Master Knitter, but everyone can enjoy every stitch they knit.
In this 4 session class you will learn the knit stitch, the purl stitch, textured (seed) stitch, increases, decreases, casting on in 2 different methods, and binding off.
It’s a thorough class getting you solidly started on your knitting journey.


Beginning Socks

July 13th, 27th, & August 10th

Socks. Sock knitting can be VERY addicting…and sock yarn…the colors, the texture, the uniqueness!!!
(oh, and it doesn’t technically count as stash)
In this 4 session class you will learn to knit a pair of traditional top-down socks on double point needles. I will teach you how to measure correctly for yourself and for gift knitting for others.
It’s a thorough class getting you solidly started on your sock knitting journey.
You must be an advanced beginner – intermediate knitter, this is not for beginning knitters.


More classes will be coming soon to the Firebrunette Knits at American Maid calendar, keep an eye out!!
And, as always, feel free to contact me for private or group lessons, as well as any other classes you want to see offered.
Thank you to my amazing knitting community!!

Don’t forget the Wichita Knitters’ Guild also meets monthly on the third Wednesday from 10am-12pm, and again in the evening from 6-8pm at Picket Fence Quilt Co

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