Making a little progress

So basically I have been working more on the blog & pics getting posted than on actual knitting. Oh that is just the way it goes I suppose.

I am only 5 rows away from being finished with my mom’s poncho for mother’s day. Pretty rad if I do say so myself. I am just chompin’ at the bit to get some intricate work going on fun pieces instead of big bulky work.Not that i don’t like my #19’s or anything, they are just getting a little too much use.

Tonight there won’t be much that will get done because the hubby is treatin’ me & the chilluns to dinner in downtown Santa Barbara. Let’s just pray that the kids at least attempt to behave…although I have pretty much given up all hope of that really happening. ;o) Gotta love those free spirits!

Works in progress

I am really excited about all the new tasty yarns & patterns coming my way lately. I have a stash of labrador yarn that is begging me to hurry up & make something, anything, to wear!

I will get some pics of my yarn stash to share the wealth with all other yarnaholics out there. I just can’t stop buying. Although I have made my best friend(who has only been a knitter for a couple of months) just as bad as me.

Projects of the moment:

*antique red shawl for mother in law

*blue homespun bulky poncho for equestrian mother

*mohair airy sweater for myself (since it’s for me I may never finish it)

*stripey sweater that may end up a halter or tank

*baby blanket, cotton chenille doubled with 6/2 astro dye yarn in a large square pattern

*finish a baby blanket that my blind mother in law started & is now unable to finish (she went through a kidney transplant 9 weeks ago, in which my father in law was the oldest donor in history, 70, at UCLA).

*and of course there are all the hats that are demanded of me constantly by my husband & all his band of brothers (cousins & friends really)

So if that weren’t enough I have all fun new yarns that I am dying to start projects with! Not enough time in the day for all the knitting!

Antique homespun red shawl

This is a shawl that is for my mother in law, hopefully for mother’s day. We will see just how much I can get done on this one. I still have a poncho (shown below) to finish for my own mom. I am totally flyin’ by the seat of my pants on this shawl. Just makin it up as I go. Not my style normally but it’s becoming more comfortable.

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