About Chauntel

I am a Mom.

I am a Daughter.

I am a Sister.

I am a Friend.

I am a Jack of all Trades.

I am DIY guru.

I am an avid Exerciser.

I am a Knitter.

I am a Crocheter.

I am a Sewer.

I am a Teacher.

I am a Designer.

I am Inked.

I am a Reader.

I am a Tomboy.

I am an Organizer.

I am Flawed.

I was a firefighter/ EMT.

I was a runner.

I was a swimmer.

I wish I was a writer.

I wish I was a traveler.

I wish I was inked more.

I wish I was an artist.

I aspire to be a better Mom.

I aspire to teach more.

I aspire to be healthy, body and mind.

I aspire to be as strong as I can be.

I thought as a young woman that I knew a lot, that I was strong, that I could do anything I wanted, achieve anything I set my mind to. I lost that along the way somewhere. I am not trying to find myelf again. I am strong, I am stubborn, I can be arrogant, I can be selfish but what I do know is that I am unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind. Nobody can take that away from me.


2 thoughts on “About Chauntel

  1. janice kiehm

    I like the single crochet pattern for a hat. When I add a stripe of a different color it does not work itself evenly around. For example, the beginning of the row and the end of the row do not match up exactly making the stripe higher on one end than the other. Does that make sense. Hard to explain. How do I add a new color to a single crochet hat and have the stripe be even all the way around? Thanks for your help!


  2. Vivian Lyder

    Hi Dear

    looking through your information and and your I was not sure how to reach you until I saw this availability on here, thank goodness!Lol.
    Somewhere along the line today I saw that you can be commissioned so I am interested in finding out if he can produce the socks by Anelmaiset, her work is featured here you can look on the search box or you can try Anelma’s Flower Socs. there is a downloadable pattern with instructions wish I am delighted because it is only until recently that that has become available. I would need to know if you can produce these for me for my clients and how long would it take you to produce the pair and of course how much would you charge me. I kindly await your speedy response.


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