Yarn-Bombing-Guerilla-Crochet-Wool-Knit-Art.jpg (720×478)


Yarn-Bombing-Guerilla-Crochet-Wool-Knit-Art.jpg (720×478).

I wish I had the patience to do this to the giant tree in my backyard…

3 thoughts on “Yarn-Bombing-Guerilla-Crochet-Wool-Knit-Art.jpg (720×478)

  1. Now I think I may HAVE to do it just because you said that. I have seriously been considering crocheting a hammock. Oh! A granny square afghan like that 9-patch one I am supposed to be writing up a pattern for…hmmm…the wheels are turning.


  2. Firebrunette will you help us with the upcoming Santa Barbara Yarn Bomb? We’ve recruited knitters from around the world, but we need some locals to help with actual bomb too. Seems like the perfect project for you and a potential stepping stone for your own backyard yarn bomb. Details on 12for2012.wordpress.com. Would be great if you could join us.


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