Lace curtain idea for bathroom

Lace curtain idea for bathroom

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I have been desperately seeking new curtains for my bathroom windows for a year or so.
Unfortunately I am going to have to make them. Whether that is sewing them (out of the fabric I have had draped across the rod for months now) or crocheting some lacey ones, I have not decided yet.
This is a pattern out of an old crochet book I have. I like it a lot but man, that is a lot of crochet!

Cotton crochet thread, size 20, 4000 yards at least is what I will need.
I am thinking just good ole white. Typical but so easy to take care of.

2 thoughts on “Lace curtain idea for bathroom

  1. Dad wanted me to tell you this (after seeing an update on FB): Make sure she knows how long it took mom to make that tablecloth. It took her a year!!

    So. You are now forewarned. :)) Dad’s lookin’ out for yah!


  2. Yep, I know. It will be a LONG process. Especially since I am not good at being monogamous. But, it may be worth it I think.
    I have plenty of thread, thanks to Tracy’s mom stashing it for another tablecloth she wanted to make.
    If my Whisper Cardigan class doesn’t happen I may start it this week!


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